Does your pharmaceutical drugs list include brand name tablets?

All pharmaceutical drugs included to our goods list are generic.

Explain, please, the meaning of the word “generic”? Is the effect caused by generic medications and brand name medicines the same?

The factors that differentiate a brand name pharmaceutical drug from generic pharmaceutical drug include name, form, color and the cost. The main difference is that the producer applies a brand name when an active component makes up the name of a generic medicament. As the producer of generic drugs has no patent for some chemical agent he has only the right to manufacture the so-termed “generics”. As a result they have the same medical impact because of the same chemical composition and the same active component. So you can save your money buying generic pharmaceutical drugs having the same result. However it is important to say that only in the event of observing all instruction the desired effect will be reached.

What causes the low price of the generic pharmaceutical drugs?

The producer of brand name medicaments cares about research, development and advertising for what he spends a lot of money. One has to pay an enormous amount of money to receive FDA certification in the USA. The situation is different with the generic medicaments producers, because they don’t need to pay so much money. Consequently it helps to save your money.

The tablets do not resemble the brand name pharmaceutical drugs. Another name is printed on the tablets I ordered and received. What is the reason?

As we have described above the producer has no patent for a chemical agent. Subsequently the same active component can be both in the generics and brand tablets. Nevertheless the names and appearance (shape and color) of medications can be and are always patented and should be treated as the intellectual property. If one uses the brand pharmaceutical drugs’ name and form, it will cause the copyright violation. Now you understand the reason the generic drugs differ from brand name drugs by color, appearance and shape.

What ensures the quality of your drugs?

The most important issue for us is the high quality of our products. We follow one rule: the number of clients depends directly on the quality of our medicaments. That explains the importance of such matters: reliable supplier, high well-tested quality and detailed documentation control. The company certified by FDA and licensed by the government of India produces the pharmaceutical drugs.

How long the tablets can be stored?

Every blister contains information about shelf-life. Each batch has its own expiry date. Usually the drugs can be stored for 2 years from the manufacture date; however one should check this information on the batch.

Why does 50mg Viagra tabs differ from 100mg tabs?

The pharmaceutical drug we propose, Viagra, is presented in 50mg and 100mg tabs. That is how one can find out the amount of Sildenafil, 50 mg of which are contained in a 50mg Viagra pill and 100 mg in a 100mg Viagra. A 50 mg tablet is a usual dose in order to get the desired effect. Nevertheless one should keep in mind that everyone can need various dose, that is why you should begin with 25 mg (divide a 50mg  pill into two parts and take only one of them) to check if you have the necessary result. If it turns out you need more, have a whole 50 mg tablet.

What do I need to do to order?

Is a prescription necessary to make on order?

Some drugs presented in our assortment demand a valid prescription. As soon as the legislation of your country requires a prescription in order to buy any drug you like, you will need to send it to our customer support representative when the order is made.

Keep in mind that only a valid prescription will be accepted. Your order will be cancelled if you don’t submit a valid prescription in the period of three days from the day of purchase.

You should see your doctor before buying our pharmaceutical drugs so that you would be sure that the medicament you chose is the one you need.

What are the steps to receive my order?

Remember: We will receive the orders only available on our website. The orders via phone or e-mail won’t be accepted.

The following steps will help you to get the order:

  1. Click the button “Buy now” when you have chosen the desired medicament.
  2. Specify the quantity of medicament you need.
  3. Click “Checkout”
  4. Write in the order information which is required
  5. Check whether the specified information is accurate and push  the button “Submit transaction”
  6. As soon as your order is accepted the notification will appear on the screen and you will receive the order confirmation message to the e-mail you have specified. If you don’t receive it during 10 minutes, inform us and it will be resent, because this message is of a big importance.

What payment methods do you have?

We have the following payment methods:

  • Payment by a credit card

When my card will be charged?

Here are the steps of the order procedure:

  1. After filling in the form on the checkout page and pushing the button “Submit” our processing center will receive the information for checking and as a result you credit card will be charged.
  2. When the payment is complete, we approve your order and proceed with it.

If I give you the information of my credit card will it be safe?

In order to protect your confidentiality we take serious steps for the protection of personal information. The secure order page will open as a part of order submission process. It is not difficult to check the safety of the page: padlock icon will be shown on the bottom of almost every browser window, which means that the information specified in the form is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted during the transmission to our company of credit card processing. Moreover reputable companies like McAfee and WebSafe check every day our servers for any kind of security risks.

Is any discount system available?

Yes, it is.


Is it possible for you to ship the goods to my country?

The shipment is performed to all countries with the exception of a small number of countries in Asia.

The tablets, where are they packed and sent from?

Their country of origin is India; as a consequence, the processing and the packaging take place there.

What are the packages you use? Do I need to put my signature for the shipment?

We keep your privacy as a priority. You will receive the order in a discrete package put to your mail box. If your order is sent via Standard Mail you won’t need to sign anything.

After I have paid the order will you send the order on the same day?

We sell a wide range of goods which are in stock for no-delay delivery. Still it is necessary to verify your order so that we were certain in the accuracy of the shipment information. Your order is packed and sent to you. It takes approximately 1-2 days.

What types of shipment do you have? How soon will I receive the order?

In case you fill in a mail forwarding address (for example, PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store or  APO/FPO) or if you indicate a hotel or educational establishment in the field of your address for shipment or in case you specify a false phone number it will be impossible to send your package via Express International Mail.

Note, that we cannot guarantee the specified time of delivery; due to the force majeure events presented below, however it is accurate for most cases.

Our company’s liability does not cover extended delays because of the international mail customs inspections.

The mail disruptions in the period of the holidays such as Christmas and New Year, strikes natural disasters and other events able to disrupt mailing process shall be beyond our liability too.

How much does the delivery cost?

The type of shipment, destination country and the quantity of products, which you buy form the delivery cost. If you want to get to know the delivery cost, chose the medicine you want and proceed to checkout.

Can the customs impede my order?

We will inform you in case it happens. You will be asked a permission to explore your parcel. When the procedure is completed you will get the parcel. In case any problem appears, don’t hesitate to contact us, so that we would try to find the way out of the problem

If the parcel is damaged or if I find out that something is missing, what should I do then?

You should immediately get in touch with the support team and report about this problem. The parcel will be resent again or we will send you back your money. If you need more details, please, see our Policies.

If 90 tablets or more make up your order, it will be delivered to you in several packages.

How much does the reshipment cost?

You won’t have to pay anything for the reshipment.

Orders monitoring

How the status of the order can be checked?

For this purpose you need to get in touch with the support team.

If Express International Mail is used for the delivery of your order, you will find the tracking number on the same page.

What should I do if I need to call off my order?

You will find answer for this question in our Policy of Reimbursements and Returns.

Business Possibilities

Is it possible to become our supplier and to propose new product?

We would gladly consider your offer. Don’t hesitate to send more information to our e-mail address. Consider that your production must have the quality certificates and should meet the quality requirements.