Review of tablets: Viagra vs Cialis


Generic Viagra

Active ingredient of preparation – Sildenafil citrate which extends and increases naturally occurring male erection – was founded in the year 1996 by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and patented as VIAGRA….

Generic Viagra Soft

The essential difference of preparation from usual Viagra consists in its route of administration (sublingual) and speed of coming-in of effect, consequently….

Generic Female Viagra

Thanks to Viagra a female sex life gets a second wind, a woman obtains increased sensations in sexual transaction, her sensitivity is being disclosed and body grows more pliable for love-making, she has brighter orgasms….

Viagra Super Active

Viagra Super Active is a relatively fresh pharmaceutical of enhanced effect. It has efficient impact on blood circulation in pelvis area thus creating ideal conditions for prolonged erection….


Generic Cialis

Over the years professionals collect statistics on variety of sexual dysfunctions which markedly influence man’s life. You could realize that erectile dysfunction is at the first place….

Generic Cialis Soft

As the name implies the active ingredient of the product is Tadalafil. “Soft” indicates mild action of medication equal in time….

Generic Female Cialis

This preparation is considered to be solution for women dissatisfied with their sexuality. It is oriented to promotion of appeal and sensitivity making women totally satisfied with intimacy….

Cialis Super Active

Cialis is a product of the next generation which contains Tadalafil. It is produced in form of gelatin capsules, thus adding more intensive and prolonged effect to active ingredient….